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What was it like to be best friends with a Princess

who became an iconic legend as movie star Grace Kelly

My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco

On 3 best-seller lists on Amazon!

Thank you for wanting to know the true story of the real Princess Grace of Monaco.

This is a unique limited opportunity for you to read "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco" before it goes to print - in fact, your feedback will help me decide whether I proceed with publishing this very personal story, which my family has kept private until now.

INSTRUCTIONS for accessing your PDF file:

(These instructions will also be sent to you by email from GRACE DALE - [email protected] )

Within 2 days you will receive an email

with the subject line: Your exclusive e-proof preview for "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco"

This email will provide the link to dowload the PDF file of the book

After downloading the PDF file:

- The first time you open the file, you must input your email address (USE THE SAME EMAIL address provided with your order)

- An email will then be sent to you from 'HOGO SERVICE' with the subject line: "E-Mail Address Registration" containing your personal PIN NUMBER that you must use within 10 MINUTES to activate the book

- You will only be able to download the PDF file of the book ONCE, so please choose your favorite Mac or PC device to read it on

Remember: At the end of 30 days, access to this special pre-publication e-proof of the book will expire.

The file will arrive as a secure Adobe PDF file - which is the industry standard - so there is no other software necessary than the Adobe Reader that is pre-installed in most computers - otherwise you can securely install the latest version of Adobe here for free)  


- When you receive the email from [email protected], you must download the PDF file within 24 hours.

- The file will expire in 30 days

- You will only be able to download the PDF file of the book ONCE, so please choose your favorite Mac or PC device to read it on (for security reasons, the file cannot be transferred to another device) 

I hope you enjoy getting to know the real Princess Grace as my mother knew her, with many personal stories and photographs that have never been shared before. I appreciate your patience and understanding with the extra steps involved to access this limited pre-publication proof preview of the book, which may be published in hardcover in the Fall of 2014. Thank you for helping me to honor the memory of my godmother, and please feel free to drop me an email to let me know how you are enjoying the book! Your feedback will be very helpful to me...

Wishing you all the best,

Grace Dale

co-author, "My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco"

I look forward to hearing from you... [email protected] (please put BOOK in the subject line)